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WordPress is our website content management system of choice for many reasons. When WordPress started as a blogging cloud application in 2003 and has grown exponentially in use since then. Since it’s core application is stable, open source and continually being updated, it saves website owners from the headache of keeping up with their website’s security and performance, provided they install it and configure it properly.

Once WordPress is installed, there’s a host of options for the design by way of themes. Themes keep the content – what you write and the images, video and other media on the site – separate from the look and feel. If you decide that you’d like a new look you don’t have to copy over all the content to the new site. Just upload a new theme and press “activate” and the site is live with the new look.

In terms of functionality, WordPress uses plugins to extend what it can do. This means that it can link to social media networks, automatically post to them, and show small blocks of information called widgets with your social media information. Plugins can also show popup advertising, your newsletter subscription signup, a contact form, podcasts, videos, quizzes, book recommendations, weather, news, traffic – you name it, there’s probably a widget for it.

Since the design and the extended functionality are separate from the core WordPress functions, WordPress has been able to create a very user-friendly interface that allows users to simply type, point and click and drag and drop to create advanced pages of rich content.

With all of this in mind, we chose WordPress to be our platform of choice. We are able to create the structure of a website using commercialĀ or out of the box themes, add plugins to the site with all the features a site owner needs, and then add allow anyone to add the content.

Why WordPress? It’s a safe, secure and highly customizable choice for all types of websites. Let us know what you think in the comments below!