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Podcasting used to be a mysterious and complex thing reserved for former radio dudes with quick wit and something to say. Now, with the upgrade in technology available anyone can successfully podcast. Revien Group produces podcasts for our clients handling as much or as little as they need, and so we’ve become familiar with the main aspects needed for success:

  • Scripting
  • Frequency
  • Choosing Guests
  • Recording
  • Intros
  • Outros
  • Editing
  • Publish
  • Gaining listeners

Scripting is a crucial element. It seems that most podcasts are “on the fly” but in reality it’s far more important to have something prepared than to wing it. Even if you have a rough outline, it really is better to know what your key takeaways are before you speak.

Frequency is a common question. The answer depends. How much content can you source? How interesting is your topic? There are TV shows that have been off the air for a decade that still have dedicated followings and plenty of interest. Don’t believe me? Search for The Gilmore Girls podcasts.

Recording the raw podcast should be done with the highest quality you can muster. Software is plentiful and cheap, and is even included on Macs these days. Be sure and use a good quality microphone and run several tests by your friends and family.

Intros/Outros – kicking up the professionalism a notch. Using your own custom music and having a great vocal overview that you can use again and again lends credence and a lot of professionalism. Use a great actor for the voice and find some unique music that reflects the overall tone of the podcast.

Editing is not an area to skimp on. A good editor can work with you to be sure that your raw footage is better with each podcast, which means less editing over time. Let them point out your flaws – do you say “um” a lot? Scripting helps with that, but also consider Toastmasters. They’re a very low cost public speaking group designed to make you a much better speaker overall.

Publishing. Where do you go? Obviously iTunes, but we really love the podcast plugins for WordPress that let listeners stay on your page.

Gaining listeners is always a challenge. Tell everyone! Blog about it. Put it in social media. Podcasting is a fantastic way to connect with an audience and expand your services.

Need more help podcasting? Give us a call – we are happy to share more tips.