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We adore magazine publishing. From choosing a layout to the final product, we’re obsessed. We start each month with an editorial meeting, and look at the calendar we’ve previously created. Our editor-in-chief then makes the assignments for writing and graphics. It’s pretty straightforward, and she serves as the project manager.

We track all of our assignments and work in progress via SmartSheet¬†which also lets us use a “Kanban” style of moving the tasks through a pipeline.

This gives us a clear snapshot of where we are each day. As the articles move through production the person responsible for the task can add notes, comments and attachments. We can also see approvals and edits.

As the month progresses, we move to layout. We use InDesign from Adobe for this because it gives us the clearest, sharpest PDF possible for publication and distribution.

Once we have the layout complete, we give it one final proof. All of the articles and ads have already been through several iterations of approval, so this is just for design and finalization.

Then it’s off to publish. We use software to distribute to iTunes and Google Play. This uses the high resolution PDF, to which we add the hyperlinks, video and any other media. We then take the text and images from the articles and publish them to the subscribers website, which they can access via a code within the magazine. They can also download the PDF.

One it’s out, we toast to another successful publication – and then turn around and do it all over again.